We at Paul Mair Design take our job seriously, and that job is woodwork.
In order to achieve truly custom professional Cabinetry we invested in: Veneer Machinery from Guillotine, an Edge-gluer, 2 Veneer Presses, and an award-winning Veneer Sanding Machine. These advanced tools allow us to:

• control our veneers for
quality and grade
"blueprint-match" layout patterns
• get a wide variety of veneers, see some of our current inventory
match the veneers as needed
• use any substrate or water-resistant, formaldehyde-free MDF
• comply with Green Building requirements
• use FSC - Certified Veneers
• use thicker face veneers
• work with short lead times
• not have to wait for the missing pieces 3 week untill they get
. shipped from Dallas or Houston